Customized solutions are what we do at Plousha Moore Group

PMG is a boutique consulting firm – specializing in personally assisting you lay the foundation for your future and strengthen your competitive advantage. 

C-Suite Strategies

CEO Advisory Services

Executive Development

Transitions & Onboarding of Executives


Board of Trustees and Board of Directors’ Strategic Advisor

Executive Succession Planning

Executive Compensation

Leadership Development

Executive Advisory Services

Leadership Assessments

Team Development Strategies

Professional Brand Design and Development

Diversity, Equity, Access & Inclusion

Organizational Audit & Analysis

Program Design & Development

Strategy & Implementation

Supplier Diversity Program

Veterans Strategy

The PMG solutions are unique – they are well thought out strategies designed to be the best and most appropriate processes for your culture and environment.                   

We work with you or your people to develop and, if needed, implement customized solutions that are realistic, robust and scalable.

Our Solutions help you:

  • Find, develop and retain leaders through successful c-suite strategies.
  • Build, guide and support effective governance.
  • Understand your current workforce and workplace through a comprehensive organizational audit of Diversity, Equity, Access & Inclusion.
  • Recommend talent decisions based on proven and trusted assessment data.
  • Develop a personal brand that maximizes social media profiles to enhance your career or your business.