Whether you decide to begin on your own or reach out to the professionals at Plousha Moore Group to help you develop your unique professional brand, it is essential to be clear on what you want to accomplish.

Begin With My 3-step Approach 

As I mentioned in MY STORY – From Dream to Reality, a Professional Brand is a dramatic and powerful tool that defines and confirms who you are and what you stand for.

 To be successful, your Professional Brand needs three key elements:

  • brand strategy to set your focus and take the uncertainty out of your actions
  • message platform to provide the words that define your values and support your personal attributes or characteristics
  • brand statement to summarize your unique strengths

Setting Your Strategic Direction

A personal branding strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. 

Developing a professional brand strategy is much like developing a strategy for your business. Steps include:

  • Gather your facts or data
  • Identify the goals you want to accomplish
  • Set your course with an action plan showing you how you will reach your objectives 

 Your brand strategy becomes the framework for a plan to take your reputation and career from relative obscurity to high profile. The elements of the message strategy will bring clarity and focus to your current and aspirational brand image.

Instead of Don Quixote chasing windmills, you can become Super Woman battling Lex Luthor.

Secrets to an Effective Message Platform

Every Brand demands a voice, a Message Platform – words and phrases that support and define your professional brand.

My key values are ethics, service, compassion and competence. Whether early in my career at the University of Dayton or in my various positions in healthcare leadership, it was important that I demonstrated the business acumen to get the job done and the emotional fortitude necessary to create a caring, service-oriented culture.

I learned strong communications and consistent messages served as a guide to my strategies. In speeches or presentations and in written or verbal communications, I used words to inspire and welcome rather than to order or direct. Please know, became a signature phrase in all my communications to help underscore my commitment to truth and transparency.

Create a Statement All About You

A professional brand statement defines your individual identity. It is a one or two-sentences that combine the values, personality and skills that set you apart from others and captures the essence of your brand positioning. It is a reflection of what you want to be known for and what you stand for.

Plousha Moore Group believes your unique Professional Brand Statement needs to:

  • Be memorable, attention-grabbing and catchy
  • Sum up who you are and what you stand for
  • Give people a quick view of what you can do to benefit them and bring value

Brand examples might be:

I assist thought leaders write great books in just 90 days. …

I improve processes to reduce waste and grow profits…

My Professional Brand Statement is:

I Resolve Issues for Boards and C-Suite Executives 

 Business Strategies * Governance * Leadership * Engagement

I bring over 35 years of hands-on executive leadership experience to today’s fast-changing world of business. My passion lies in a life-long commitment to ethics, caring, service, competence and people.

Wear your brand in everything you do

Once you are clear about who you are, what is important to you and what you want to accomplish, there are still a few other things to think about.

  • Your “professional uniform” – Color and choice of attire – suit or business casual – become a powerful part of your brand. Think of the head-turning, sophisticated style of Michelle Obama, it very clearly represents her professional brand.
  • Your presence in meetings – Where you sit and how you behave helps to define your professional presence at meetings and events. Arrive early, come prepared with materials organized, never disorganized and scattered.  
  • Your speaking style – Consider the culture of your company. Allow your tone and speaking style in meetings to maintain your brand while reflecting and supporting your company’s culture. Do you wish to be contemplative or quick to respond, fearless or reserved, thoughtful or outspoken?
  • Your use of social media to spread your message – Reinforce your messages through a coordinated social media strategy. Decide the best platforms and begin early to build your network. Your efforts will go a long way to spreading a strong and resilient message.

Language, tone and style should all be unique to you, they combine to make your dream into a reality.

On a personal note

My sincere hope is that over the past few weeks I have made a difference in your professional journey. It has been a pleasure to share the personal insights I used to create my professional brand. My journey began with a dream and was enriched along the way by the people I met and the adventures I experienced.

Please know, I am grateful and humbled each and every day.


At Plousha Moore Group we offer a customized approach to your individual steps! To learn more about how Plousha Moore Group can assist you in developing your unique Professional Brand contact me directly at debra@ploushamooregroup.com or margaret@ploushamooregroup.com. Learn more at http://ploushamooregroup.com.