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CEO Strategies & Advice


Diversity, Equity, Access,
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Leadership Development

Operational Culture

CEO & Executive Strategies & Advice

Successful leaders want to leave an organization better than when they found it. They want to build a lasting legacy for others to follow. Let us develop your unique brand and craft a purposeful and meaningful legacy for which you will be remembered.

Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer

One-on-one advice and consultation to CEO and Board members. Accepting current organization status and supporting advancement.

C-Suite & Executive Advisory Services

A customized approach to navigating the changing world of business with a personal touch. We select from our team of C-suite and Executive Leadership Advisors. Each is matched with your executive leader to achieve the highest level of professional results.

Executive Legacy

How can you be sure your accomplishments and hard-fought successes will be remembered? PMG is honored to offer a proven model to help you design your lasting legacy of impact and influence. Plus communications that break through the clutter and make a meaningful impression.


Strategic Advisor

PMG offers proven advice to support Board-directed initiatives — Regulatory Oversight, Ethics & Compliance, and Executive Compensation. An effective Board of Director/Trustees are the lifeblood of any organization. Experienced Advisors and Guides to Board Chairs and Committee Leaders can offer real value in the Boardroom. At Plousha Moore Group we partner on a variety of Board related topics including:

  • Comprehensive Cultural Audit of current Board policies, practices and procedures 
  • Conduct best practice education of Board strategies and responsibilities
  • Assist boards in designing and implementing Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion initiatives

Succession Planning

PMG offers first-hand guidance for CEOs & Boards to design plans for a successful transition to new leadership. 

Our approach is unique:

  • First, we review your organizational structure and current team. We have on staff a trained Psy.D specifically qualified to assess senior leaders, analyze results and prepare recommendations to further develop your team
  • Next, we help you and your team be prepared for a variety of leader transitions with Development Techniques and Personalized Executive Advisors

Diversity, Equity, Access & Inclusion (DEA&I)

PMG stands prepared to guide your organization through a process of exploration, learning and knowledge related to a comprehensive approach to Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion.

Debra was phenomenal. Her confidence, choices of words, and delivery were powerful. She covered many important things to become a successful leader. Leading with impact – Trust- culture – influence. Diversity, Equity, Access & Inclusion. I absolutely loved this session.

Recent Attendee - DEA&I Education

Specialized DEA&I Services Include:

  • DEA&I Cultural Audit — core areas of influence for team members
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing/Communications
    • Finance
  • DEA&I Education — for leadership and team members
  • Supplier Diversity Program — a proactive procurement program that encourages the use of minority-owned and Small Business Administration SBA-defined businesses

According to research, companies with diverse teams:

  • Have 19% higher revenue (reported by Boston Consulting Group)
  • Outperform industry norms by 35% (as found by McKinsey’s research)
  • Are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders in their market (according to Josh Bersin)
  • Are 70% more likely to capture a new market (statistic by Harvard Business Review)

A Supplier Diversity Program:

  • Advances the work of your existing DEA&I initiatives
  • Generates 133% greater ROI than firms who rely on traditional vendors programs (The Hackett Group 2019)
  • Expand your reach into untapped markets
  • Enhance your commitment to underserved communities

Leadership Development

Leadership Assessment

PMG’s team includes an experienced Psy. D to complete comprehensive leadership assessments, analysis, and a summary of recommendations. Leaders gain the expert advice and specialized development opportunities they need to develop and grow. The CEO and Board Chair will receive a comprehensive summary of strengths and opportunities of their executive team.

Executive Leadership Advice & Coaching

PMG Executive Advisors, each with extensive experience in the C-suite are matched with an executive leader to achieve the highest level of personal and professional results

Professional Branding

Today’s executive leaders find it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd, differentiating their unique skills and attributes. At PMG, we work one-on-one with executive leaders to develop their professional branding statement and individualized message platform that people will remember. We’ll assist you with uncovering your skills, values, and attributes that set you apart and define your Professional Brand.

Operational Culture

Teammate Engagement

We work directly with your team to design effective team member engagement strategies to enhance engagement and strengthen culture.

PMG works directly with your team to provide:

  • Analysis of past engagement scores
  • Offer recommendations to impact change and transform teams from unengaged to fully engaged
  • Targeted training to aid leaders in effectively advancing engagement
  • Consistent messaging to reach team members where they work 

Strategic Communications & Messaging

PMG develops strategic, transparent & clear messaging on a variety of topics, whether for the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors / Trustees, CHRO of other executive leaders.

Our pledge is to:

  • Craft the right message
  • Reach the right internal audience
  • Deliver at the right time
  • Pierce today’s high-impact environment