New Year, New You!
Lea Tate, Psy.D
Talent and Leadership Assessments
Plousha Moore Group

As the new year begins, we continue to face unpredictable challenges – How much longer will the challenges last? How will you continue to deal with the stress?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues we find ourselves continuing in many of the same patterns we began living with in 2020:

  • working from home is a fact of life
  • online meeting platforms is the norm
  • work/family balance is constantly shifting 
  • family gatherings remain virtual
  • daily stress is consistently rising

From a mental health perspective, stress, burnout, anxiety, depression and our life balance is propelled into the forefront of our lives.

As a leader, it is important that you recognize the signs of stress in your team.

As a clinical psychologist, I have identified some issues associated with working remotely:

  • Loss of physical contact with friends
  • Too much or too little access to virtual connections with friends and family
  • Lack of “normal” elementary, junior high or high school experience
  • Increased anxiety and worry over “what am I missing”
  • Anxiety over exposure to disease
  • Constant reminder of Pandemic from parents, local, national or international news (via online, smartphone or the old-fashioned television)
Burnout/exhaustion/fatigue        Daily exercise, meditation, healthy eating, utilize a healthy sleep schedule, take a daily break.

Keep online meetings short to reduce fatigue – break the meeting routine occasionally.
Think of ways to have fun or lighten the agenda.
Non-verbal miscommunicationNod and smile during online exchanges. Refrain from fidgeting or looking down. Ask questions during online exchanges.
Anxiety about using online platformsLog-on early, use breathing exercises before a call, have water easily accessible, review materials that are going to be covered and write down questions, in advance.

Depending on what 2020 has dished out and 2021 continues to telegraph … it is possible to maintain a successful career. Using these suggestions maybe helpful to improve your burnout, exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety with online platforms.

If you have questions or concerns, reach out to a mental health professional for advice and help.